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Featured Children Spotlights

Ivan’s family doesn’t let Ivan’s disability slow them down.  They are natural adventurers and love to stay active.  Their Bella’s Bumba helps them maintain their lifestyle of fun and adventure.  “We love how durable the materials are,” commented his mom, “because the tires are knobby, it means that Ivan can use his chair in a variety of environments and helps at home with our bumpy and uneven surfaces.”  Ivan likes how the chair height is perfect for reaching his toys on the floor and that it's small and light enough to make adventure accessible.  He loves visiting his favorite spot at the lake so that he and his sister can splash together and explore the rocks on the shore.  The family also loves how they can attach an umbrella onto the holder stand for those rainy days to allow him to be outside with his sister.  Ivan has now moved onto his second Bella’scChair, which continues to provide this active family with many more adventures and chances at fun.



Lyla’s family found Bella’s Bumbas through an online community support group for Spina Bifida.  When they realized that it was likely that Lyla was going to be a full-time wheelchair user, they reached out for help.  Their community group recommended they reach out to Bella’s Bumbas.  We supplied Lyla with a wheelchair to make navigating easier for the family.  At 17 months, she had learned how to wheel herself around and gain independence. Lyla’s mom instantly noticed the difference,  “It made it so much easier for her to explore at her daycare and at home!  She was able to get things in the chair by herself that we never imagined would be possible!”   Lyla perked right up and even found opportunities to get into mischief!  She became active and lively, always with a smile on her face.  Recently, Lyla moved into a “big kid chair”, which she secured secondhand through Bella’s Bumbas while her family waited for her “official” wheelchair to be approved through the family's insurance.  Bella’s Bumbas will re-use chairs, after they have been thoroughly tested and evaluated for safety, for cases like Lyla where a chair is needed in the interim.