Q: How do we transport our Bumba?

A: Always move/lift the Bumba by it's base, never by the tray. There are sometimes additional parts that are designed to pop off and to be interchangeable.

Q: We just received our Bumba, but once our child as in it, they couldn't move. Is it broken?

A: No, we have installed a single tire brake on each chair. This is located on the right rear of the base. To disengage this, pull back and flip up the lever. The lever will catch on the notch cut into the base. To engage the brake, flip the lever down.

Q: Is there a way that we can attach a handle to our chair to assist our child?

A: Yes! We have attached a flag pole holder on the back which can accommodate things of 1 in. (2.5 cm) in size. Some families have used broom and shovel handles, canes, and even specifically manufactured pieces made by a hardware store.

Q: What can I do as my child grows out of their chair?

A: Donate it! We ask that a Bella's Bumbas chair is never sold. Please pay the gift of mobility forward. Some suggestions of places to reach out to children in need of a chair are: our Facebook page, your child's physical therapy center, or you can reach out to us via email at bellasbumbas@gmail.com. You can also email us to request the next size up, if we offer it.

Q: Are the seats waterproof? Can we take it to the waterpark?

A: Yes, absolutely! Because it's waterproof, you can also clean it however you see fit!